About Us

Under the Marine Life Protection Act, California is establishing a network of marine protected areas (MPAs)  to protect marine life, habitat, and ecosystems; it's essential that everyone with a stake in the future of these vital resources knows if the MPAs are working as intended.

The MPA Monitoring Enterprise was launched in 2007 as a program of the California Ocean Science Trust to lead the development and implementation of  impartial, scientifically rigorous and cost-effective MPA monitoring.

Bridging the divide between science and management, we provide a unique combination of science and policy expertise to develop and test a realistic way to take the pulse of ocean ecosystems and evaluate the performance of the emerging statewide network of MPAs.

The Monitoring Enterprise does not advocate for or against the implementation of MPAs, but rather ensures that policymakers, resource managers, and the public have impartial, timely and useful information to support MPA management decisions.